Venue 719 : It happened in a pinch

It all started when a Groom called his Best Man in need of ideas for a back up plan when a rainy September day was threatening to ruin his bride’s backyard wedding…for 100 people. 

A former machine shop just became vacant, so the best man thought maybe it could work. It became clear the weather was not going to cooperate, so the plan went into effect. 

Within 48 hours, a makeshift wedding utilizing the brides, decor and tables, scrubbing up oil from the recent removal of machining equipment, and sister-in laws that stepped up to the plate to help a bride, and love parties and a good challenge, helped make the day a success. 

It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun bringing a warehouse to life! After a couple weeks of  deliberation, we decided to jump in and make this place special. 

Here we are, seeing our vision come true, and providing Colorado Springs with a unique event hall to share and make memories. 

Natasha & Angela

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Our team

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Angela Frezza

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Natasha Downey