A Carefully Planned January Wedding

A Carefully Planned January Wedding

We’ll never forget This sweet couple that fell in love with Venue719. Looking for style, budget friendly, and convenient for friends and family, we nailed it.

The Bride’s Grandfather was a hoot with his clipboard, noting every measurement and taking care of all the details for his beloved granddaughter. We worked closely with with him for timing and preparations to flip the room. A second ceremony area was created by us where the garage door is!

The tables were tucked aside and additional staffing was hired to help flip the room from ceremony to reception, including dishware and silverware from Colorado Party Rentals. It took a bout 90 minutes and 4 people to flip over the room.

They came to our open house, and hired Rocco’s Italian as their catering choice, along with Pop Up Photo Fun for their photobooth.

They brought in their own DJ.

Lighting was programmed to start the party at 7pm, after everyone was done eating, sharing speeches, and ready to dance!

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